Chesapeake Energy Arena

Address: 100 W Reno Ave
Phone: (405) 602-8700
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Category: Music Venue
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  • TravelOK

    Fast-paced action and heart-pumping excitement await you at each Oklahoma City Thunder game held at the Chesapeake Energy Arena, where you can also catch major concerts & other events.
  • ESPN

    As George Costanza would say, "There's no laws in this place. Anything goes. It's like Thunderdome!"
  • Joe Buettner

    Make sure to get to a Thunder game early to check out all the great booths and fun stuff around the place! They get packed pretty quick, so make sure you make your rounds.
  • Sports Authority

    Hungry? Head to the OLD NO. 7 Club and enjoy a full service restaurant and bar.
  • Ken Dickenson

    THUNDER UP!!!!!!
  • Nancy Pham

    Park in the cox communications building ($10) then walk in the garage to the elevator which leads you to right across the Ford Center. Perfect way to avoid cold weather!
  • Stephen Windsor

    Thunder up!!!
  • Ryan Hukill

    We LOVE our Thunder! Check out to keep up with OKC's who, what & where.
  • Ikal Adi Lestari

    Mar 16, 13 - 09:00 (+8 GMT) - Oklahoma City vs Orlando | Mar 20, 13 - 09:00 (+8 GMT) - Oklahoma City vs Denver | Mar 25, 13 - 08:00 (+8 GMT) - Oklahoma city vs Portland | More
  • Jackie Peck

    Thunder up!
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your City iQ: From 2002 to 2010, the CEA was called the Ford Center.
  • Dustin Beck

    Almost any seat is a good seat. Best fans in professional sports. Thunder up!
  • Henry Israel

    be loud, be proud, wear blue
  • Chuck Chaney

    Make sure everyone goes and reads for your Thunder needs.
  • Silks Dining

    THUNDER UP!!!!
  • Tariq Ahmad

    If going to a Thunder game, park a few blocks away on the street for free (after 5p) and walk over.
  • Aran Coleman

    No better place to Thunder Up!
  • Kelly Craig

    Watch the game on the big screen for free!
  • HealthWarehouse

    Hope everyone enjoys the tournament!
  • Barb Crews

    Serious mashed potatoes at club level barbecue spot. Mashed potato sundae
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come meet us at The Chesapeake Energy Arena when we play on February 9th! Get your tickets by clicking this link:
  • Mohd Rohaizad Kuala Perlis

    Chesapeake Energy Basketball Arena @ Oklahoma
  • Suzanne E Jones

    Best place to watch concerts and sporting events

    Wear a Thunder shirt and Thunder Up!
  • Henry Israel

    be loud, be proud, wear blue.
  • Aaron Villalobos

    For relatively close, free parking, try the clearing behind the Movie theatre where the old I-40 overpass used to be.
  • Henry Hudson's

    Loud City! It is just that and as fun as it can be! An experience you wont soon forget
  • Remington Park Racing & Casino

    One of the best things that has happened to Oklahoma City! The OKC Thunder are a great organization lead by great people. Going to a game here is a magical experience!
  • Trish Davenport

    Let's go Thunder!
  • Coach Mike

    True dat my brudda
  • Kevin Olden

    The water is colder in the packaging than in the JHE can
  • Mark Cheek

    The $5 Red Stripe tall boys is the best bang for the buck beer deal in the arena
  • Eric Roth

    Hey post your BEST Thunder Up pics and the winner will receive a free tub of our world famous beef jerky.
  • Dean Majors

    Hit me up for Thunder tickets. I never can make it as much as I wish!
  • Eric Roth

    Find me at any Thunder game in Love's Loud City and I will give you a free tub of our famous beef jerky.
  • Alexandre Oliveira

    Swarm by Foursquare
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • zakaria

    thunder are the best out there that's a Fact !
  • Kelly King

    The referees are not doing good tonight! But the fans are!
  • Kelly King

    Sit with all the thunder big fans ! Princess , thundar ! It makes the game so much better!
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come catch us on our "Fans Rule" World Tour! Fun for the whole family. Get your tickets here: See you soon!
  • Brian Smith

    Thunder Up!
  • Angela Robinson

    Awesome game!!!!!! OKC winning
  • Kyndell Sutherland

    Go thunder
  • Kyndell Sutherland

    Who are the okc thunder team playing next
  • Holly M

    See someone in a yellow T-Shirt with a camera during a Thunder game? Get your photo taken! It's free and you can find it online and download later to show all your friends!
  • M F

    Oh my gosh, they actually do the wave here...where is Cuban to fire all these fans!!! Go Mavs!
  • Kelley T

    Home of Strikeforce funeral so sad
  • Burn De Guzman

    Watch the thunders!
  • Matt Parrish

    Thunder Up!
  • Jos Lpez Nuez

    OKLAHOMA UP!!!!!
  • Thunder Boss

  • Aslan Maleki

    From Ford sponsored to Chesapeake Energy it has been a great improvement! Rise Together
  • Silks Fine Dining

    thunder up!!!!
  • Aleksandar

    Come on oklahoma!
  • Yang Shang

    Hehe, too young too simple
  • SKEET Chevalia

    Big tip!! Bring some dang food! When you're outside, it's nice, bit you WILL get hungry!
  • Yolo Turner

    Philly cheese steak is bomb
  • Jalaina Hammett

    Thunder Up!!!!
  • Kevin Olden

    Water is cold outside the cooler
  • Sarah Jane Mobley

    Although don't order anything at the club level bar or you'll miss tip-off like we are.
  • Sarah Jane Mobley

    Thunder up, and enjoy yourself! Club level is sweet...
  • Nielsen Nacis

  • Barb Crews

    Not too sure about portabello mushroom burger. Needs some help
  • Kery Kay

    Bob seger rocks!!
  • Andria Campbell

    This is a circle of trust. Respect the process.
  • Jim Cripps

    Saw Passion Pit play here! Better to park away from the arena, and take a nice stroll through BrickTown!
  • Jim Cripps

    Saw the Hornets play here. Now, the Chesapeake Energy Arena is home to the Thunder.
  • Walter Krink

    Thunder in finals next year (2012)
  • Aaron Xenos

  • Nick Danzo

    Don't come here until 2051 when the construction is done. You'll have a better chance getting into the Pentagon than any parking garage near by
  • Cindy Hauke

    Thank you OKC! From CO! Great event from PPL ! Welcome Mid Ocean Partners
  • Kelly Oliveira

    i went to a hockey game there!! it was awesome!!
  • kara lang

    If you are employee here- Kara Lang @ New Creation Salon will give you a employee discount txt 219-2835
  • Cindy Chia

    Don't feel sad if you got nosebleed seats cause they're pretty awesome too!