Will Rogers World Airport (OKC)

Address: 7100 Terminal Dr
Phone: (405) 316-3271
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 70886


  • Luis daniel

    Come here to use airplanes.
  • John Roy

    Have a safe flight! ...or welcome home! There's no place like OKC!
  • John

    two of OK's airports are named after people who died in plane crashes. just sayin ...
  • Brandon W

    Park in hourly parking to pick up or drop off a loved one. First hour is free!
  • Chris Forbes

    Attention All Flight Crews: Never call it "OakCity" on the your plane's intercom, it's OKC. Mkay?
  • Sarah Little

    Try the east security checkpoint! Much faster than west!
  • Leah Tung

    Check out the toilet seats in the lady's room! :-)
  • Prince TownCar & Transportation 405-593-1250

    Covered parking lot #3 Daily Rate : $6:00.
  • Frest

    If you are stuck here for more than an hour, ask the airport police to shoot you in the face
  • Prince TownCar & Transportation 405-593-1250

    Tornado time :(
  • Len ???

    If you see a guy streaking at the airport ... That is Sergeant Streak!!
  • Prince TownCar & Transportation 405-593-1250

    Dammm this thing is not a joke
  • Dale Cressman

    Terribly inefficient TSA. Plan extra time.
  • Dee Dee Ball

    Parking lot 1 is the fastest shuttle service This airport is really easy if you know the drill
  • Brett R

    A Sonic at an airport is so cool!
  • Prince TownCar & Transportation 405-593-1250

    As the mayor of this place . I want to thank everybody for stopping by this airport.
  • Avanti?? Kunamneni

    One of the Few that still has a smoking lounge
  • Che Tse

    No Starbucks:(
  • Agustin L.

    smooth airport......really can't get lost
  • Jody Bowie

    Great security. Efficient and thorough. Thanks OKC!
  • Tony Frasher

    OKC native here, the remodel of the airport is a major improvement, but it doesn't change the fact that Will Rogers died in a plane crash :/
  • Bryan Peace

    Planes fly
  • Corey Earwood

    Its like TSA training camp... not enough lines and super slow
  • Sophia B

    Don't expect to eat after 7pm, everything is closed!
  • Eric Thompson

    Try a warm Aquafina from Schlotzskys. You'll only be slightly disappointed.
  • Sid Burgess

    Came here to use one of these winged thingys.
  • Courtney Spackman Chojnacki

    The Sonic opens at 6am but a lot of time they open late. For early flights, Schlotzskys is open early and the cafe by gate 8.
  • Jonna Gordon

    I've been to a lot of airports super early and by far okc has the friendliest staff early and late!
  • Brett Selby

    Don't expect free Wi-Fi when you get here
  • Ethan Hong

    Just watched someone go through security with their shoes on. #confused
  • Gretchen Burnett

    Yeah, I'm home!!!
  • Morgan Vandagriff

    I've never had good service at Sonic. Too bad there aren't many other choices.
  • BrownSuga (aka:Anita)

    Notice artwork of giant spears that flew into the ground as leave airport
  • McKenzie Ellis

    I wish this place had bagels. Do they have bagels? I'm hungry.
  • Keith Cavey

    You should try out the magic levitating elevators!
  • Derek Green

    Tough luck if you want breakfast for your 6am flight. They don't open till 5:30am.
  • Lewis Tran

    Come to cafe oklahoma to get coffee from the coolest kid alive. Heard he had a pretty legit Mohawk too.
  • Brian Burrow

    Nice small airport. Looks brand new inside. Rental cars are just a short walk away.
  • Mister Anderson

    One of the easiest a airports to navigate. Seedless security and free wifi! Beautifully designed with large windows that provides great light and airiness
  • Brittani Parker

    Get to the Southwest Airlines counter a little earlier than usual on Fridays. Lots of teams and student groups fly out on this day, slowing the check in process.
  • Sarah Conrad

    Need a souvie? I recommend Cow Tipper mugs or Eskimo Joes beer koozies. Available in many gift shops in the terminal.
  • Suze Perrott

    Security line is extremely long today. Only one open. Leave early!!!!
  • Dennis DeBlock

    Security here blows!
  • Steve Thompson

    Sonic...seems like a name that would say, "Fast"....not at the OKC airport....wow.
  • Richard Adkins

    Beautifully remodeled airport.
  • Karen Kurtz

    Java Dave's is the only place for good coffee. Staff is nice too.
  • Wes Gautier

    Dirtiest airport toilets ever. Take a dump before you get here.... Or wait til you get on the plane.
  • Jake Hill

    Parking here is atrocious.
  • Dee Dee Ball

    Scissors can pass security if less than a 4 inch blade FYI
  • Pam Jones

    Sonic is always super slow - no matter the line situation.
  • Zhila Shariat

    There's a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf here now! Ice blended FTW.
  • Sandy Weaver Carman

    Great service at Moe's, not to mention great food and cold beer. :)
  • Tasha Privett

    Suggest the Okra at the bar! Mini Burgers and Fried Mushrooms are School Cafeteria food. Just stick to drinking.
  • Jim frank

    Salt Lick BBQ sucks!! Don't bother
  • Oscar Daniels

    Be nice to your Flight Attendants.
  • Courtney Spackman Chojnacki

    Wave your hand over the Magic Green Sensor located above the toilet. It makes the seat go round. Nice and clean for your bottom.
  • Haley Dennis

    Best part about this airport: it's impossible to get lost.
  • Jordan Moore

    Sonic in the airport? Score! I'll have a Large Diet Coke with Lome for my flight please!
  • Aga Artka

    Don't count in a cup of familiar Starbucks coffee. This airport does not have it.
  • Eric Roth

    Do you see the bowling trophies above Schlotzsky's in the office window?
  • ?^?.???.^?? J

    Massage chairs do not work and do not return your money. Waste of $5.
  • Traci C

    Don't do it!!!
  • Sophia B

    No Starbucks! :(
  • Miguel Camacho

    Spelled rogers. Not rodgers. Not the right check in
  • Nan

    If you're in a rush, skip Schlotzky's. The people are nice but the service is slow
  • Allen Arcade

    Wifi free for 20 minutes only.
  • Dee Dee Ball

    Food choices after security: Moe's Mexican, Schlotzky's , Sonic, Salt Lick BBQ, and the airport grills are pretty good too
  • Carolina Uribe

    Near gate six there is actually a little "deli" that has healthy eating options! It made my day.
  • Kristen Martin

    Really small and quick airport. If you come an hour early it's plenty of time! Coffee Bean is excellent. Have a safe trip!
  • Ivan Pecel

    Check 2 free bags at Southwest, then check out www.IvanPecel.com for all your comedy/juggling needs!
  • Brandon B

    No duty free shop here?! Get it together Oklahoma. Unacceptable. ?_?
  • Toiyang Penano-McDonald

    Avoid the Grill down by Route 66, where I was rudely turned away because they have no cook. Last time I came thru, they charged $10 for a lousy excuse of a burger.
  • Tyler

    It's Oklahoma... So the beer may or may not be weak. Just order a shot with each beer and you'll be fine!
  • Preston Phillips

    Best mocha in okc.
  • Brittani Parker

    Be sure to use the East security check. The lines are always short and it never takes more than 10 minutes!
  • Lauren Michelle Dean

    Never eat at the Moes. They offer salads but no dressing, and the taco shells are soggy. The lettuce is brown. :/
  • eyezayuh

    I like turtles
  • Will Fagundes

    Mindgruve in the house!
  • Joel Hoadley

    Very nice airport! It is well kept and security is very efficient.
  • Amie

    Contrary to another tip left here there is actually 20 minutes free internet access through Boingo - which is better than no free access at all like DAL, HOU and AUS airports.
  • Alec Sprinkle

    Check in with the keyword "groped" and unlock a badge. Ha ha!
  • John Leslie

    The TSA precheck is just as slow as the regular line and they "merge" for final X-rays - so pick the shorter line. They're making everyone take our computers etc.
  • Denise Friou

    Fastest delivery of bags to baggage claim of any airport! (Southwest Airlines. )
  • Mike Batroff

    You will love this place if you can't stand OK and like leaving on a jet plane.
  • Evan Traylor

    TSA Pre Check is incredible!!
  • Isaiah

    This is a relatively small airport but they really take care of their customers. Awesome overall staff.
  • Joseph K

  • Joseph K

  • Adam Veldhousen

    When in doubt, airplane.
  • Michael Td Roberts

    There's no free wi-fi in this airport, how sad.
  • Retricia Johnson Tubbs

    Coffee anywhere?
  • Steph K

    Nice set up, but super dirty airport.
  • Colin T

    If you like regional jets you'll love this place
  • Conner Rohwer

    It's a small airport. Don't come here early because there is very little to do and takes almost no time to get through security.
  • Alan Mazur

    Nice but you have to pay for the Wi-Fi that's not good
  • Crystal

    VERY nice airport...the lounge is nice but it is DRINK ONLY...so eat BEFORE you sit.
  • Allison M.

    Best airport logo of all time: Will Rogers lassoing the world.
  • Chris Hickman

    Skip Moe's. It's severely and consistently subpar.
  • Chris Hickman

    The men and women at TSA Precheck are hysterical! They make airport security much more bearable.
  • Jorge U. Ungo

    Unless you like fast food, eat before you get here.
  • Whitney Marie

    Schlotzsky's was amazing! Friendly and fast service =]
  • Kimmmm

    Nice tea/coffee place by the windows w prints of famous Oklahomans. Wonder what 'world airport' means.
  • Jason Algiere

    All food service shut down at 7pm on a Friday night...
  • Shane Bryant

    If your flight leaves around 6 - 6:15 make sure you are early. Long security lines and a lot of schools traveling at that time. That's any airport though.
  • Matt Collier

    It smells bad in this airport.
  • Kyle Vernor

    Ken is the greatest shuttle driver! He's very kind and helpful and has more patience than I can even imagine!
  • Aaron White

    Vastly improved airport experience!
  • Liz J

    New-ish airport, clean but small. Lacks a good smoothie place. But like everywhere else in this city, the people are very nice.
  • John Redford

    This is a terribly depressing and ignorant backasswards state. For the love of whatever is holy to you, get back on the plane and save yourself.
  • Allison B.

    Beware! Last time I was here my computer was stolen from gate check luggage!
  • Mike Gegenheimer

    Never ear at Salt Licks Bar BQ!!! Terribly overpriced and brisket very fatty!!!
  • Nick Thompson

    Small Airport - very effecient - through the security and at my gate in less than 20 minutes.
  • Scott Caron

    If you plan on dropping your car off between 4pm and 6pm be prepared for a cluster.
  • Doris Covington

    The coffee bean cafe is a-one
  • Jill Lynch

    Get there early. At least an hour.
  • Nabeel

    Parking is free for the first hour in the garage. Good for pickups.
  • Lizz H. ??

    Such a nice, clean airport. It's not big, and everyone's friendly. Bought our OSU t-shirts there :)
  • JerryJ

    Power points? Nope. Very few outlets to recharge anything. Otherwise a very nice terminal.
  • Levi Turner

    The food options here suck.
  • Dee King-Morrison

    BOINGO gives you 20 minutes of free WIFI.
  • Matt Trotter

    The Asian woman working at Route 66 Grille is the master of upselling.
  • Brian Schupbach

    Great people!
  • John Wierzowiecki

    Restaurants close early so if you're here and expecting to eat dinner make other plans. It's a ghost town at 7:30 pm.
  • The JMac

    Just had a bean burrito with blazing hot sauce and a cold coffee. I want to apologize to all in advance.
  • Julian Freebird

    Small airport this is!
  • Ryan Crum

    Aweful service in food court area. Waits of more than 45 minutes for a simple hamburger.
  • Melisa Brown Estlack

    This airport is small and there is nothing to do... I got here a bit early and hoped to be able to get some lunch. There are 4 fast food places and 2 were closed. Horrible service
  • Nick Ballengee

    Good food for an Airport
  • Glenn Merry

    Shoe shine is great
  • Gerald Welch

    SchlotSkys has healthier choices than sonic
  • Brian Carter

    Nice place, but you can't get a cup of coffee after 9. Everything's closed.
  • Jay Beauchamp

    Always hot inside..
  • Bedre Fine Chocolate

    Looking for some Made in Oklahoma chocolate? Stop in at the POPS store in the terminal to pick up Bedr! Made in Davis, OK.
  • Sarah Conrad

    Know your rights! You can opt out of the TSA body scanners. You'll get a pat down, but who doesn't like a free massage?
  • Mary-Kate Mullooly

    Go to Schlotzsky's if you like sandwiches.
  • Paul Walton

    Always fly First Class or don't go.
  • Jessi Rogers

    Go to the East security checkpoint! The lines are always shorter :-)
  • Billy Dixon

    Food choices are not too awesome, although Sonic does seem to always have a line.
  • Iian Lunday

    Main security checkpoint closed right now. Use the east checkpoint if your flying out tonite.
  • Kelsey Leaverenz

    Don't get there too early or you can't check your bags!
  • Ted Vail

    Make sure your car rental company has cars. 40 minute wait for hertz gold. Yikes
  • CRATEinteriors

    Instantly strict TSA battles obsessive compulsive disorder re liquids. Just check it and forget it...now that's a CRATE idea!
  • Adriana Chavez

    Check in online. It helps when airport is busy
  • Janis Why

    Easy to rent a car here. No shuttle bus. Just walk across the street.
  • N

    Use the east security checkpoint! Usually not many people in line and faster than the west checkpoint.
  • A. M. Beaman

    Use airport express (the blue vans) for your taxi. They are great.
  • Bryce H

    Ghetto Airport NO STARBUCKS!!!!
  • Dee Dee Ball

    Warning -- the slowest Sonic in the free world
  • Brian Means

    Best airport only because of the SONIC in the terminal food court.
  • Allison B.

    Be careful of sonic. The service is glacierly slow.
  • Steve Davison

    Every time I've been here the "central " security checkpoint has been closed. Go to the far left (as you face the ticket counters ).
  • Todd Lefever

    One of the last remaining airports with a smoking lounge, sweet!
  • Ck Fattori

    I love the cell phone waiting lot. Don't usually see them at small airports.
  • Mickael Ah

    Much fAster to island...
  • Joshua Kellogg

    Coffee Bean!
  • Linda Eller

    20minutes of free wifi available!
  • Nate Scarritt

    Android phone? Download foxfi, free wifi hot spot from your phone
  • Rich Kalonick

    This is no international airport is a world airport.
  • Cory

    Fill-up your rental car at the 7-11 on S. Meridian -- that's the closest and cheapest gas station
  • Jordan Moore

    Southwest has got my loyalty. Always a great experience. If its not they make it one!
  • Brad Hein

    Everyone should fly in at dusk at least once in their life. We may not be tall but WOW do we spread far... I LOVE THIS CITY!
  • Matthew Applegate

    Franco Harris of the Steelers is here sitting near gate 6!
  • Kaci Vasquez

    Thunder Up!
  • Aga Artka

    Apparently at OKC you still have to take a laptop out of your bag and scan it "all by itself". Get with the times...some airport let's you keep laptops in your bag now.
  • Nick Meyer

    Don't wear hiking pants with zip off legs (extra zippers) when going through security unless you prefer full pat downs.
  • Brent Weber

    Disinfect your baggage exterior at your destination.
  • Jeff Biddy

    Wear a cowboy hat if you want to blend in.
  • Jeff Biddy

    Have a beer at bar 1907 ask for Jen
  • Susi Ng

    wear short becuase its too hot now.
  • Brian Langston

    This airport sucks..made me throw away my water bottle at the check in..but I can buy a water bottle once im past the security check point!??!..wtf
  • Jeffrey W

    Stay away from Java Dave's!
  • phillip curlin

    Flying sure beats driving.
  • Les Morse

    Plug ins few and busy. Look hard
  • John Smehyl

    No nude-o-scopes here....yet.
  • Libbs Carbone

    Those toilet seats blew my mind!
  • Mark N.

    They are setting up s coffee stand between gate 18 & 20.
  • brian austin

    Unless you like grease, eat before you get here
  • Minnie

    Check in at each airport when you're there.
  • April Hale

    Very familiar with this airport since I come here all the time, one of my fans ;)
  • karin

    Boring airport lol
  • Sara

    No parking in the garage due to construction...use a shuttle lot.
  • Matt S.

    OK airport!
  • Trae Wright

    No food in the bar on weekends......out of almost every beer....nothing really here......not returning anytime soon!
  • John Rusk

    Very limited food options and lines can be long and slow.
  • Andrea Ahlsen

    Easy airport to get in and out of
  • Mike L

    Delta's ticketing booth opens @ 4:15 am.
  • Jim Cunningham

    They need more cell phone waiting space!...
  • Thomas Hanks

    Always clean and the staff is friendly!
  • Rob VanNess

    The service at the Sonic was really bad. Workers were extremely rude and waited in line to long just to get a limeade that just taste like sprite!
  • Traci C

    Have a great flight!
  • George Magda

    If you have a departure after 6:00, bring a snack!
  • Heather Dixon

    No breakfast available at 4:45am. Don't come hungry for an early flight!
  • Anthony Sifuentes

    Hook'em horns
  • Peyton Howell

    Ride the floor escalator things lol
  • Jim Cripps

    Arriving very early? Not all stores and food services are open. Arriving very late? Nothing will be open. Welcome to Oklahoma!
  • $100 Divorces - JNKParalegal (405) 376-2206 - www.jnkparalegal.webs.com

    Looks great since they renovated.
  • MozBoz

    Don't get on a 6AM flight two days in a row...
  • Sophia B

    Sonic is so slow! Don't order if you are close to departure!
  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Gooood fuel prices for avgas....
  • Myra Palevsky Kaufman

    Strawberry-lemon slush at Sonic will make your wait much more pleasant!! Ummers!!